Available From Jan 2019

Awaken The Athlete Within

For highly driven athletes, coaches and teams looking to develop the Mindset of a Champion? Learn to build mental resilience so that you can perform with confidence, composure and focus under pressure? 

In this Mental Game Online Tutorial you will discover:

  • The Mental Game Tools you need for consistent performance
  • The TRUE definition of a Champion 
  • The 3 Questions for Performance Exceleration
  • The "Hidden Force" that will drive performance excellence for you and your team?
  • The Top 5 "Power Principles" behind Peak Performance
  • The A to F Model of a successful athlete and team
  • The O.A.R. Principle - Why you must take ownership of your performance?
  • Simple & easy to use Mental Skills Before, During & After Performance

“In my sport of cycling I strongly believed results were the outcome of good physical training and was never keen on focusing to heavily on my psychology. Denis’ seminar was an eye opener for me. In the space of an hour he clearly pointed out numerous flaws in my psyche and frame of mind towards both my training and competition. I took on board his philosophy and applied it directly to my sport and have seen developments on and off my bike.” - Patrick Clarke Full Time Cyclist

"Well done on your most interesing and recent enlightening Mental Game Seminar. It was most interesting and not aimed over people's heads and was therefore in no way intimidating. Communication flowed back and forth freely. Everyone can learn from such events, male or female, young or old, athlete or spectator, so here's to seeing your 2019 diary." - David Carke, Mayo Goalkeeper & 2 Time All-Star

"Just a quick message to say thanks for all the time you put in and the advice you offered. You have without doubt brought a new sense of belief into the team something we had been lacking in previous years. On a personal level I really found the sessions very beneficial and it has given me a greater level of self belief and confidence both on and off the pitch which I will be forever grateful for.” - Joe McManus St Judes & Mayo Hurler