Business Results Coaching 

Helping Start-Up & Small Business Owners attract more clients, increase sales and profits so that they can build a friendly, sustainable and successful business.  

Are you a Small Business Owner looking to grow your business in an over crowded market-place ? 

Ever feel like your working too hard for not enough money? Your spending all your time working “IN” the business instead of “ON” your business? 

Maybe you're under selling your service and the value you stand for or maybe your spending too much time in survival mode and robbing Peter to save Paul at month end? 

Could it be that your simply Fed Up & Frustrated of NOT seeing YOUR business sales & profits grow!!

Then Denis is here to help. Denis is a ‘Small Business Growth Coach’ and 'Marketing Psychology Consultant' that helps Small Business Owners attract MORE CLIENTS and increase business SALES and PROFITS. Denis is very passionate about helping businesses grow and will help you transform your business and make sure you get results to make your business succeed.


In his exciting new talk, FROM GOOD TO GREAT, Denis reveals the "Hidden Force" that will drive performance excellence in your organisation. 

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Discover The Hidden Force Driving Performance Excellence.

I’ve been teaching and coaching this "hidden force" for twelve educating and fun years now. What's driving performance and behaviour is a very obedient and loyal servant. It often hijacks the decisions you think about and make every single day. In this exciting talk I teach how you can go from Servant to Master. 

A Growth Mindset Benefits A Growing Organisation.

What if everything you knew about being smart, intelligent and successful was wrong? What if all the so called “Greats” in sport, business, academia, science and the arts weren’t so great after all? Could it be possible that effort trumps intelligence? In this talk some of the findings will astonish you and convince you that your qualities and abilities are not carved in stone. 

Harnessing The Power Of Habit.

In 2006 a study found that more than 40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decision, but habits. Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the products of careful, measured decision making, but they’re not. In fact, they’re habits. It’s only in the past 20 years that neuroscientists have begun to understand how habits work and how they can be changed. In this talk we look at how habits are formed, how to build new habits and change old unwanted ones. .


Denis has dedicated the past twelve years researching, studying and teaching psychological interventions to individuals, teams and organisations. He provides simple practical mental skills and effective coping strategies so that you or your organisation can perform to your true potential. He will help you develop confidence, motivation, focus, discipline and mental toughness so that you can achieve your goals and pursue a successful career.  

These easy-to-use coaching strategies are drawn from past experiences, psychological research and extensive consultations with small businesses, elite athletes, coaches and individuals. The strategies and tools he offers will bring immediate improvement to the quality of your performance whether it is work, life or sport.  

He holds an honours Degree in Psychology and has an academic background in Coaching, Training, Finance and Enterprise Innovation. He is an ‘asker of questions’ and will challenge and empower you, your team or organisation to increase your performance and infuse you with a fire to achieve excellence.

What Organisations Are Saying About Denis

"I wish to thank you for your recent work with the Management and Staff at the Criminal Assets Bureaux. I am confident that your work has provided our Management and Staff with the tools neccessary to increase their self-belief, their confidence, their ability to stay focused and to consistently perform at a high level" ~Patrick Clavin ~ Chief Superintendent - Criminal Assets Bureaux

“What a way to spend our Croke Park Hours. Denis gave us an inspirational workshop on mindset and positivity. It has completely changed my thinking towards both the children in my class and my own children at home. Positive thoughts and giving more thought about the language I use has made life so much easier. Thanks for the tips and reminders Denis. ” ~ Anthony Keenan ~ National School Teacher

“Denis, just wanted to say thanks for your talk at the ‘Leadership Forum’, your presentation was great and very well received by the dealers.” ~ Jim Lynch ~ Training & Development Mercedez - Benz

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