Championship Winning Mindset

Welcome to my signature program, Championship Winning Mindset. Throughout this program I share my 15 Principles for Building a Championship Winning Team. I've spent the past 12 years working and consulting with elite athletes, coaches and teams throughout the country sharing these principles of success. 

During those years, I have developed proven methods and strategies that will help you and your athletes perform with confidence, resilience, focus and composure under pressure. The 15 principles of a championship winning team have been proven and tested with teams that have won County, Provincial and All-Ireland Titles. 

For the duration of your season I will help you and your team to implement these successful strategies and tools that will help towards building a championship mindset. A manager or coach doesn’t just turn up at the beginning of the season and give a motivational talk to the panel and disappear for the rest of the season. No, the manager and coach have got to be there 24/7 reinforcing their philosophy of winning and getting their team to buy into that philosophy. The same applies for my 15 principles of a championship winning team. The information has got to be shared and applied every day, week, month and year. This is how you develop a championship winning team. 

What I've found from working with and consulting with elite teams over the years is that it’s not always the most talented team that wins the championship. Each and every year teams work so hard, sweat, bleed, shed tears, break bones, tear ligaments just so another team can take away what rightly belongs to them – winning a championship title. 

There are so many different variables that lead to winning a championship. The successful principles that you are about to invest in are the majority of those variables. Your panel needs players with a championship winning mindset. It needs players that respect each other and players that are willing to give the commitment and make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the team and not for their own benefit. 

I am sure most coaches and managers would agree that a team that is not united in the pursuit of excellence can cause all sorts of problems and a lot of poor performances which all lead to losing games. Nothing is as exciting as preparing a team to win a championship and the principles I am about to share with you will give you the perfect opportunity to bond your panel of athletes together and infuse them with a fire to achieve excellence.